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Collectors and Recyclers

By its partners, Recolamp ensures that all collected lamp waste is recycled in safety conditions for the environment and for the human health.
While contracts have been signed regarding the participation in the collective scheme managed by Recolamp, negotiations have been initiated, followed by contracts signed with suppliers of services that make the object of the activity of the organization. We can count among them both authorized sanitation companies and recyclers, i.e. the ones that treat and recycle waste.

Collectors and recyclers must comply with the effective legal obligations .


Regarding the number of companies authorized for various stages in waste management, Recolamp has signed contracts with 70 specialized companies. In order to facilitate the management of both collection locations and also the pick-up orders of lamp waste, Recolamp provides collectors an online application of waste pick-up.


By its partners, Recolamp ensures that the collected waste is recycled in safety conditions for the environment and for the human health. Waste recycling is done differently, according to each category, as following:

1.  Waste in categories 5.b and 5.c are transported in Romania - GreenLamp, where the differentiated waste collection is done as follows:


  • waste in category 5.b is processed by “end-cut” MRT machinery that removes the metallic items of fluorescent tubes, extracts the luminescent powder (through an air jet in a controlled atmosphere) and separates the glass, which is crushed and reintroduced in the production circuit of the new fluorescent tubes. The metallic items are crushed, sorted and reintroduced in the production circuit by melting, while the mercury-content powder is stored in hazardous waste facilities.
  •  in what concerns the waste in category 5.c, the plastic case is separated by the glass items and electronic items.


2.  Waste in categories 5.a, 5.d and 5.e is manually processed, by separating the metallic and glass items by the core that is stored in the hazardous waste facility of S.C. Vivani Salubritate S.R.L. Slobozia. The metallic items are delivered in order to be recovered to S.C. Remat Mures S.A. and to Metal Ker (Hungary) and the glass – to S.C. Omega Prodcom S.R.L. Tarnaveni.


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