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Companies/ Institutions

Waste generators, either companies or individuals, have the legal obligation not to throw the lamp waste in the trash.

In order to ensure the lamp waste is collected and recycled, Recolamp provides the companies free of charge with the following:

1. standardized collection recipients, based on a collaboration protocol signed with each and every location;
2. services related to waste pick-up, transportation, storage, sorting, regional and national consolidation;
3. treatment and recycling services supported by the contracted recyclers;
4. a free toll number and subsequent phone answering services, in order to pick up the waste reported by generators.

Currently Recolamp has over 8.605 collection points that comprise companies, central and local public authorities, retail chains etc.
Contact Recolamp, sign the collaboration protocol  and you will receive free of charge the containers for the selective lamp waste collection in your company!

Once filled in, please send us the collaboration protocol in 2 copies signed and stamped to the address of our head-office. We will send you back one copy signed and stamped by us.
After signing the collaboration protocol, Recolamp will endow you, depending on the waste quantity generated by your office, with two types of recipients.

a)    Metallic containers



b)    Cardboard boxes


Contact Recolamp, let us know you have collected waste and the full recipient will be picked up and replaced with an empty one by our partners.

Note: the cost of all these operations is entirely borne by Recolamp
Ways of contracting for waste pick-up:
- dial the free green line +40 (0) 800.888.666 (from any network)
- fill in the form – lamp waste pick-up
- e-mail: colectare@recolamp.ro
- fax: +40 (0) 214.043.679

Broken lamps will be picked up, but please inform the persons that handle them to avoid breaking them on purpose. The recycling process for broken waste cannot be done in the same correct manner as for the intact bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Emergency Ordinance No.78/2000 – bans the abandonment or the storage of waste in unauthorized facilities.
By its partners, Recolamp ensures that all lamp waste is collected and recycled in safety conditions for the environment and for the human health.



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