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Household Consumers

Waste generators, either companies or individuals, have the legal obligation not to throw the lamp waste in the trash. Light source waste, as the other types of waste, must be collected and recycled separately, as it belongs to the category of hazardous waste.

Unlike the packages (paper, cardboard, glass), lamps are durable goods (i.e. they can be used for several years) and their volume is much smaller in a household than the one of packages.

Worn lamp collection directly from households („door to door”) is neither effective nor efficient considering both the environment (it generates significant CO2 emissions during transportation) and the financial perspective (resulting in higher costs for local authorities or collectors).

However, Recolamp promotes a responsible behavior towards this category of waste, more it created and developed the Green Corner network, meant to selectively collect from individuals. This collection tool is placed in retail stores, in commercial centers and institutions, where visitors and employers can dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment, including lamp waste.
Let us know where you live and we will tell you where to recycle! Or, better, find out for yourself where the closest Green Corner is located on our interactive map.

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